Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

If a vehicle that your client is travelling in breaks down, or is involved in an accident, we will organise roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and all of the associated tasks. These facilities come as standard, as part of our range of assistance services for our customers.

We will ensure that the driver enjoys the many benefits of being a part of our network whenever required. This includes a full claims notification service that operates 24 hours a day.

We understand that an accident or roadside breakdown can be traumatic, so this option means that the customer only needs to relive their experience once. They therefore make one call to us and we will take on the burden of putting all necessary wheels in motion to get them back on the road.

Our assistance team will arrange the following services upon your request:

On the spot repair: wherever possible, we will aim to have the vehicle up and running again right away.

Towage to the nearest car authorised dealer: sometimes, the damage will be too much for an immediate repair, so we will arrange for the vehicle to be towed to a garage that can help.

Follow up: our assistance doesn't stop once the vehicle has been towed to safety. We follow up on the repairs, making sure everything is repaired to complete satisfaction and that the vehicle is once more safe to drive.

Professional survey: we will call in a professional surveyor to assess the damage, ahead of any insurance or personal injury claims. This provides peace of mind and expert back-up, should it be necessary.

Dispatch of spare parts: we will source and deliver spare parts needed for vehicle repairs to speed up the process.

Vehicle replacement: where a vehicle has been written off, or is simply uneconomical to repair, we will deliver a replacement. We can also arrange a vehicle write-off through recycling centres, and handle all the paperwork, should that be required.

Repatriation and storage: we will repatriate the vehicle and arrange its safe storage until it can be collected.

Scrapping: we will handle the whole procedure and recuperate all necessary documentation for our client.

Our company manages Peugeot Assistance products and services across Greece and has a long-standing reputation for efficiency and reliability, making a stressful time much more bearable.